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Biologicals Sales

Using Nature to Help Nature


At Agri-Cal USA, we are intensely focused on bringing only the best biological products to our farmers.  While we have never focused on chemicals, we view biologicals as different.  Trichoderma, for example, is a symbiotic organism that helps plants grow.  Biologicals are naturally-occurring and can be used to create very substantial increases in yields for our farmers.  We view biologicals, when they work correctly, as nature helping nature.  Very cool.

Advanced Biological Marketing ("ABM")


ABM’s® products contain highly selected strains of Trichoderma that colonize root surfaces upon contact to increase the soil’s microbial activity and stimulate the root system for more efficient water and nutrient absorption.  Find out more below.

ABM / Agri-Cal USA Yield Tests


The most important thing about ABM's products is that they work.  Agri-Cal USA conducted extensive testing of ABM's products for potato, corn and oat farmers earlier in 2019.  Click below to see results or call us to learn more.