Now accepting orders for ABM and Barenbrug products.

Seed Sales

What Makes us Different


Agri-Cal USA has decades of experience helping the agricultural professionals of the Northeast managing their businesses.  We understand the need for farmers to increase soil fertility and sustainability by rotating with improved plant species.

Several years ago, we began partnering with Barenbrug as our primary seed supplier.  Barenbrug offers turf and forage seeds of the highest quality available and there is broad scope to their product offerings.   Barenbrug's quality and scope has allowed Agri-Cal to develop a series of proprietary blends that we have found work very well for our farmers.

Simply put, all forage products are not equal.  What works for soil improvement is totally different from livestock forage needs. We can provide products specific to any growers needs. We work for a Maine potato farmers seeking to build fertility in a rotation year.   Agri-Cal USA is deeply immersed in our market and we believe that you will find that our products reflect that.



Barenbrug USA in Tangent, Oregon, is part of the worldwide Royal Barenbrug Group that has been a leader in grass breeding, production, and marketing for over 100 years.  Find out more on Barenbrug products here.

Other Suppliers


Agri-Cal USA works with several other top suppliers including our Haymart affiliate and the Mighty Mustard product line, which is grown and distributed from the Pacific Northwest area.