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Agri-Cal USA is a multi-generational agricultural services business headquartered in Houlton, Maine. We operate a grain terminal and logistics business and sell farming inputs to and buy crops from our network of hundreds of farms. We are affiliated with Haymart, which operates a mill, several farms and a commercial greenhouse in nearby Patten, Maine.

1948. Leo Callnan, a Presque Isle businessman and entrepreneur, builds the Aroostook Milling Company using lumber sourced from his Mapleton, ME saw mill operation. Shortly after the building is completed, Leo retires and his son Robert Callnan takes control of Aroostook Milling Co.

1953. Aroostook Milling Co. becomes a distributor of Blue Seal Feeds. Over the years Aroostook Milling Co. becomes one of the largest Blue Seal dealers in the east.

1963. After building up his grain trading business, Robert builds the grain and rail terminal in Houlton that we continue to use to this day.

1980. After running the business for 32 years with assistance from his brother, Gerry, Robert enlists the help of his (oldest) son Doug who returns to Houlton to join the business.

1985. After 37 years, Robert Callnan retires. Not long after, Gerry retires as well.

2008-2010. After 60 years of operation, Doug chooses to sell Aroostook Milling Co. in order to focus on the wholesale grain business. The wholesale business is re-branded as Agri-Cal.

Concurrently, Paul Vambutas, while on garden leave from a job in investment banking, buys the first of the Haymart® farms.

2011-2015. Doug, in an ongoing effort to stay on the cutting edge of agricultural innovation, developed a series of custom forage blends, and secured the Maine distributorship for Barenbrug USA.

At the same time, Haymart bought an old flooring factory in Patten, ME and began developing their milling program.

2018. In 2018, Agri-Cal and Haymart merged, adding significant resources, expertise, and capabilities to each business; and positioning both for shared success.