Bring in a Higher Yield in the Houlton, ME Area

Learn more about our liquid plant stimulator

If you're looking to produce higher, healthier potato yields this harvest season, stop by Agri-Cal USA in Houlton, ME. We're proud to offer BioTryke products to our commercial and agricultural clients.

Like liquid plant stimulators, BioTryke is sprayed on plants and vegetables to improve growth and promote health. Note that BioTryke is not a fertilizer - it's a fungus that qualifies as a biological product.

For more information about the industry's cutting edge vegetable stimulator, call 207-217-7410 now.

Don't wait to test out the number one biological for potatoes.

Agri-Cal USA in Houlton, ME offers a new vegetable stimulator called BioTryke to our agricultural clients. BioTryke is not a fertilizer and does not contain chemicals. Instead, it relies on naturally occurring microorganisms and organic matter. This liquid plant stimulator helps...

  • Encourage healthy growth
  • Mitigate stress
  • Produce a higher yield
To order your BioTryke products today or set up a distributorship, please call Mitchell McLaughlin at 207-217-7410