BioTryke/Agri-Cal Yield Study

Don't wait to test out the number one biological for potatoes.

In August 2019, Agri-Cal worked with BioTryke and several Maine potato farmers to conduct yield tests determining how effective BioTryke products are at improving potato yields for Maine farmers. Multiple potato varieties were tested and both in-furrow and treated seed methods were used. The net result is an average increase of 19% in overall yield and an average increase of 19% in marketable yield.
The test represented the first major multi-farm test of the efficacy of BioTryke products for growing potatoes. Agri-Cal USA was pleased to help facilitate the study.

Other Tests. As a component of the same test, BioTryke products were used on Oats and experienced a 20% yield increase and the BioTryke products seemed to be very effective on corn -- our initial results for corn were comparable to the extensive studies BioTryke has conducted in the Midwest, so we will look to those test results for guidance related to corn.

Please call us to walk through detailed test results or to discuss applicability of BioTryke products for your particular growing need.

BioTryke Effectiveness Studies

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