Now accepting orders for ABM and Barenbrug products.

Products & Services

Seed Sales


Agri-Cal USA is the exclusive distributor in Maine and Vermont of Barenbrug seeds.  We also carry select other brands.

Biologicals Sales


Agri-Cal USA is a leader in bringing biologicals to New England farmers.  Alongside ABM, we conducted several tests of ABM with leading Maine farmers.  Click to see the results! 

Packaged Products


Agri-Cal USA works with our Haymart affiliate to develop, pellet and package grains into proprietary mixes and products for our customers. 

Grain Purchases & Sales


Agri-Cal USA is an active buyer and seller of grains.  We source grains from our network of about 250 farms and ship via rail and truck throughout the United States.

Terminal & Logistics Services


Agri-Cal USA operates a fleet of trucks and a rail terminal in Houlton, ME in order to transport our products around the USA.

Wood Pellet Distribution


Agri-Cal USA recently bought Daigle Oil's wood pellet business and delivers about 2,000 tons of wood pellets per year.